Zeckit authorized resellers

Providing personal service

Zeckit’s authorized resellers are approved and trained by Zeckit. The reselling of Zeckit Active is done exclusively through our network of authorized resellers. Our authorized resellers have the right to represent Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy’s Zeckit service.

The Zeckit Active package has to meet our quality requirements. This is why we invest in providing personal and professional service, that only our authorized resellers can offer.


Our authorized resellers

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Oma Asiakaspalvelu

Oma Asiakaspalvelu on is Zeckit’s first officially authorized reseller.

The Zeckit sales team at your service

Valtuutettu Zeckit myyjä Maria

Oma Asiakaspalvelu

+ 358 40 525 5022



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