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Use Zeckit Free in your marketing

All Finnish companies are automatically included in the Zeckit search.

The Zeckit statement is the ingredient list of your business. It shows that your company is transparent and it makes it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions.

There are many features, which you can use for marketing your business, in the free version of Zeckit. You can collect customer reviews directly on your company’s website by adding the the Zeckit widget to the website. The widget also makes your business transparent and it shows that social responsibilities are important for your business. Read more about adding the widget to your company’s website.

In addition to using the widget, you can edit and add information about your company, such as your contact information, marketing names for your business and information about tax credit for domestic expense. If your company has been reviewed by customers in Zeckit, you can contact the customer who made the review. You can use all of these features free of charge.


More visibility with Zeckit Active

In addition to using Zeckit Free, you can tell your customers more about your products and your business with the Active -brochure. The brochure provides a simple and easy marketing channel, which you can use to highlight your company’s products or services. The brochure works on the phone, tablet, or computer. The brochure is a visual platform and you can attach images and marketing texts to it. Adding images and texts to the brochure is easily done with the tool. It is easy to add the brochure to your home page or send it to a customer as a link. This way you can showcase your references in a stylish and easy-to-browse format. You can also access the brochure from your company’s statement in the Zeckit service and from the Zeckit widget that you can add to your company’s website.

In addition to the brochure, the Zeckit Active package includes adding the company logo and a description to the statement as well as adding keywords and locations, which increases the company’s visibility in searches.


Zeckit pricelist

Benefit Zeckit Free
Zeckit Active
(240€ +VAT/year)
Company information and interpretation
Customer reviews
Possibility to contact reviewers
Editing contact information and marketing names
Adding the Zeckit widget to the website

Professional competences

Company logo and description on the statement

Company logo visible in the search results


The right to use the brochure on your website

The brochure visible on the widget

Business locations

Keywords (max. 6)

Better visibility in search results

Additional services
Reliable Partner 105€ + VAT 24% /year
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The Reliable Partner service

The Reliable Partner -report includes the following information: extract from the Trade Register and YTJ, information about tax and pension insurance payments, information about the collective agreement, business prohibitions, liability insurance, accident insurance and occupational health careThe annual fee for the Reliable Partner service is €105 + VAT. The Reliable Partner service is the easiest way to fulfill all the requirements of the Contractor’s Obligations Act. There are more than 53 000 Reliable Partners in Finland, join them now!